8 Years Old & We’re Just Getting Started

05. September 2016 From Scott, GtS, Incubator 0
    Yesterday morning I was up at daybreak for a video shoot. As I was standing behind the camera crew, listening to Angelo, the Executive Director of Guidance to Success Youth Club (GtS), talk about how far GtS has come and their growth as an organization I began to reflect on what Matters On ...

Guidance to Success Youth Club update

15. May 2016 GtS, Incubator 0
In our sixth and final year with Guidance to Success in our incubator program it is amazing to see what this organization has grown up to become. The GtS community now regularly services over 300 youth, ages 4-18, with a wide mix of diversity three-fourths of which are male and the remaining female. GtS has ...


24. April 2013 Jacob's Well 0
        Jacob’s Well is a community revitalization ministry based in downtown Lincoln, Nebraska. Jacob’s Well is run by Mark Thornton who lives in one of the most impoverished and struggling areas of greater Lincoln. Mark is working to bring the community together through an after-school program, block parties, an English as a ...

About Guidance to Success Youth Club

24. April 2013 GtS 0
Guidance to Success Youth Club (GtS): GtS has brought inner city Lincoln youth together providing a stable environment, educational support, and a surrogate family. GtS’s programs include athletic training and tournaments while setting expectations for academic performance. An after-school mentor program is a key component. GtS continues to be successful in preventing gang membership and ...

GtS 2013 Update

23. April 2013 GtS 0
Guidance to Success Youth Club has been growing and a home for the organization has been needed for some time. We are rejoicing with GtS because help has arrived from those who see the important vision this group is living! Organizationally, MOT has been at the forefront of the effort for GtS to set their ...

Community Garden – Year 2

23. April 2013 Jacob's Well 0
  With summer just around the corner, 20 volunteers spent an entire Saturday preparing the garden. The site was cleaned of weeds and debris, mulch was laid, and the fence repaired. 6 new beds were built and 2 new raised flowerbeds are on the way. This takes the garden to a total of 30 beds! ...

2013 – Start of Year Update

23. April 2013 Jacob's Well 0
Jacob’s Well has been off to a busy start this year with the city finally moving forward on the historic designation for the house. Due to zoning laws in Lincoln, Nebraska gaining the historic designation for the house is the only way to enable Jacob’s Well to renovate the detached garage to better service the ...

Jacob’s Well Presents to Rotary

02. May 2012 Jacob's Well 0
Mark Thornton and Scott Lloyd visited the Lincoln East Rotary Club on April 25, 2012 to talk about the work Jacob’s Well is doing in downtown Lincoln. Great write up in their newsletter, the Rotary Spoke, that you can read below:

Community Garden

28. March 2012 Jacob's Well 0
  One of Jacob’s Well’s new programs is expansion of an existing partnership with First Presbyterian Church. A 24-bed community garden has been built on ground owned by the Church and will be used by individuals within walking distance in the neighborhood. The extra food will help to extend budgets while being a great way ...

2012 – Start of Year Update

28. March 2012 Jacob's Well 0
2011 was a big year for Jacob’s Well doubling their support in terms of money, individuals giving and volunteers. One of the big numbers that speaks volumes is at food distributions over 300,000 lbs of food was given out! With 100+ volunteers helping to put that in the hands of our neighbors!! Amazing! All programs ...